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A Doctor of Philosophy is one of the highest academic awards available. Students must have at least a Bachelor’s and Master’s before getting accepted into this type of program. It can take full-time students five to six years to complete a doctoral program.

What is a Ph.D. in European Law? It is a doctorate program designed to focus on European law. This field of study can look at unique aspects of law for those in the European Union, public international law or private international law. Participants may be able to choose their focus or it may be decided by the school. Some Ph.D. programs may consist entirely of a supervised research project while others may incorporate courses into the study. Examples of potential required courses include principles of European law, European Union external relations, the nondiscrimination principle and fiscal administration in the European Union.

This education can be beneficial for professionals in any type of background. The study helps students improve their legal understanding, critical thinking skills and cultural appreciation. All of these skills and knowledges can make a person a successful job candidate.

Before enrolling, students may want to get an estimate on tuition. Because there are many factors that can affect the cost, applicants may need to contact universities directly for an estimate.

This unique education prepares students for a career in European, national or international law fields. The exact careers available can vary greatly based on the student’s previous work experience and other education. Some examples of potential careers include lawyer at European law firm, journalist for legal publication, researcher at a university, professor at a law school, consultant for institutions and humanitarian at international nonprofit organization.

Universities around the world may offer a Ph.D. You may be able to enroll in this program online or on-campus. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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