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A Master of Laws (LLM) is an internationally-recognized, second-level law degree offered in many countries around the world.  LLMs are offered at the graduate level and in many countries an LLM, or equivalent degree, is required before a graduate can practice law.  The term ‘Master of Laws’ derives from the Latin Magister Legum or Legum Magister.  Like the LLB, the two ‘Ls’ refer to the study of both canon and civil law.

LLMs are usually conferred by Law Schools, or the school of law at an accredited university.  Students wishing to pursue an LLM are normally required to hold an undergraduate degree in either a related subject or in a law degree like an LLB or a JD.  LLMs may be specialized and can be undertaken by students wishing to concentrate or develop expertise in a particular field like tax law, international law, or human rights law.  In some countries, LLMs are considered a supplementary degree similar to the MLS. LLMs may also be completed by a student with a law degree who wishes to pursue a legal career in another country.

LLM degrees vary in length and intensity. In most countries, the Master of Laws degree is awarded after one year of intensive study; however, it may also be the culmination of a lengthier course of study that included an undergraduate degree in Law.  In most countries, LLM graduates will have completed significant research and a written thesis in addition to any coursework required by the program of study.  LLM programs are often international in nature and you may study with students from around the world who are working to expand their legal expertise.

If you studied law as an undergraduate, or would like to pursue a career in law you may wish to consider an LLM.  You can use the list below to find LLMs in many countries around the world.  Each program page is connected directly to the school’s admissions office.  Use the form to contact them and find out more about enrolling in an LLM.

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