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LLM Programs in Law Studies International Law Studies

An LLM, or Latin Legum Magister, is a degree granted to persons who pursued a higher education in an area of law. Depending on the field of law, a program may require anywhere from one to three years of full-time study.

What is an LLM in International Law Studies? As globalization begins to impact economies across the globe, there is a growing need for individuals with a deep understanding of business law as it relates to the economy. For this reason, the field of international law studies was developed. During their course of study, individuals may develop a deeper understanding of company law, contract law, IP law, commercial dispute resolution and competition law. Courses may also focus on honing participants’ research skills, business knowledge, legal argumentation and analytical as well as communication skills.

Graduates of this program may walk into the workforce with many desirable skills and traits, including strong litigation skills, adept conflict-resolution abilities and a keen analytical mindset. Each of these skills can serve an individual well in a law-focused career or in any other field he or she decides to pursue.

The cost of an LLM varies considerably and depends on where a scholar goes to school, the duration of the chosen program and how he or she decides to pursue education (online or in the classroom).

Upon graduation, individuals may be well-qualified for a number of careers in legal practice. In addition to having the savvy and knowledge to start their own firms, individuals may find that they are equipped to pursue a position with a high-power firm, a corporate organization or a reputable learning institution. This particular program prepares students for careers in both the domestic and international domains.

Where a person chooses to go to school depends on his or her geographic location and schedule. Some individuals must work while going to school, which is what makes online offerings so desirable. To learn more about your options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.