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Faculdade Moraes Júnior (FMJ - MACKENZIE RIO)

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The FMJ - Mackenzie River is an institution of higher education multidisciplinary, private, whose purpose is to train human values ​​upscale, able to perceive and interpret the current paradigms, envision new possibilities and propose the creation of alternative routes, in the face of demands of contemporaneity.

The Institutional Project FMJ - Mackenzie River aims to expand and innovate beyond conventional proposals relevant to today's existing higher education institutions. The expansion and required innovation, based on a standard high school, have, as a guideline, an understanding of reality, which presupposes the awareness of the community and therefore a knowledge asset, not only knowledge, but also criticism and building society.

These features allow the institutional design embeds a trial basis, producing new knowledge on social conditions, which means having as a method to integrate teaching / research and interdisciplinarity, and, as a principle, the interaction with society.

Mission, vision and values


Educate the human being created in God's image, for the full exercise of citizenship, contribute to the development of self and society through teaching, research and extension, and cultural, sporting, social and spiritual activities, Environment Reformed Christian faith.


To be recognized by society as confessional Presbyterian institution, philanthropic and community profile, which is dedicated to the divine and human sciences; characterized by the continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and extension; striving for the integral formation of the human being, in Reformed Christian faith environment.

Values ​​and Principles

In personal conduct: dignity, character, integrity and mackenzista spirit; In interpersonal relationships: loyalty, mutual respect, understanding, honesty and humility; In the exercise of professional activity: ethics, competence, creativity, discipline, dedication and willingness to volunteer; In the decision process: search for consensus, justice, truth, equality of opportunity for all; The relationship between collegiate bodies, units and departments: cooperation, team spirit, professionalism and proper communication; The relationship with other institutions: responsibility, independence and transparency; In society: participation and service to the community; And at all times, act with love, which is the bond of perfection.


  • R. Buenos Aires, 283 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20061-003, Brazil, , Rio de Janeiro

  • R. Buenos Aires, 283 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20061-003, Brazil, , Rio de Janeiro