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Erasmus School of Economics - Erasmus University Rotterdam

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All faculty members are involved in both research and teaching. This allows the school to thrive. With five undergraduate programs and 18 graduate programmes offered, Erasmus School of Economics strives to become the best in its disciplines (economics, business economics and econometrics) and seeks to achieve excellence both in its research and teaching. This can be measured by its performance in rankings.

Erasmus School of Economics strategically has a clear focus on economics. Just as they were 100 years ago, as the school was established in 1913, the economists are the pounding heart of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The best Erasmus graduates have made outstanding contributions to science, government and business.

Erasmus School of Economics is an internationally renowned institute that contributes scientific knowledge to future economic issues and aims to answer currently relevant issues of concern to government and firms. The focus of the school is on the creation, the dissemination and the application of scientific knowledge, all from an economic perspective. Erasmus School of Economics relies on the most recent insights in the discipline. It collaborates with international scientific partners, and it has local footings in business issues relevant to the unique position that the city of Rotterdam has as a hub of transport and industry.


  • Erasmus School of Economics P.O. Box 1738, 3062PA, Rotterdam