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Backstage Academy

Backstage Academy


Backstage Academy is where live industry learns. It’s everything that goes into creating live experiences, at the heart of where it all happens. It’s learning from people who have actually done it. It’s learning on a campus where some of the world’s biggest tours and productions are made and staged.

It’s walking amongst the designers, artists, technicians, producers and managers that are the best in the business. It’s getting your hands on cutting-edge equipment and technology that’s used by the industry. You end up with something far more valuable than a qualification on a piece of paper. This is not a testing ground, a mock experience or a simulation. This is the start of your incredible career in the live events and creative industries.


  • Production Park Unit 5 Langthwaite Road South Kirkby , WF9 3AP, Wakefield

  • Westgate Wakefield West Yorkshire, WF1 1EP, Wakefield