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Azerbaijan University Of Architecture And Construction

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Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction started its activity with engineering and construction faculty under Baku Polytechnic Institute in 1920. Specialists in construction field were trained at Baku Polytechnic, Azerbaijan Oil, then at Azerbaijan Institute of Industry during several years. An independent Civil Engineering Institute was established on the base of engineering and construction faculty in 1932 – 1934 years. It was known as “Construction” faculty at Azerbaijan Institute of Industry since 1934. With the establishment of the Polytechnic Institute in 1951the faculties of architecture, construction, hydro melioration and transportation were moved there. In 1975 with the initiative of Heydar Aliyev, National Leader of our people with the decree of USSR Council of Ministers Azerbaijan Institute of Civil Engineering (present Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction ) was founded on basis of Architectural, Construction, Hydro melioration and Transportation faculties of Azerbaijan Institute of Polytechnic. On 13 June 2000 by the Decree of Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan this higher education institution was renamed Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. Currently, the University has a total area of 49000m2 and consists of College of Construction, Lyceum of technical bias and 8 faculties in 5 education buildings. 7036 students study at the University. 620 students from 14 countries study at the faculty of Education of Foreign citizens and the study is conducted in 3 languages – Azerbaijan, Russian and English. Scientific Research Department at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction involves science, the main leading direction of University. The main duty of the Department is to support the innovative scientific works and patents of our scientists, scientific reports as well the activity of research laboratories. The Department collaborated with State Science Funds, NGOs, industrial institutions and others. The Department has had sufficient experience in holding and organizing international and local, scientific-practical conferences. The main direction of our activity is unity of science and industry. Our main duties are getting the international status of patent and inventions, spreading scientific information and strengthen the scientific publications. The basic targets are to define main fields of scientific researchers and develop participation level in scientific projects.


  • A. Sultanova 11, AZ-1073, Baku