The United States of America is located in the Northern hemisphere in North America, just south of Canada and north of the Mexican border. It is composed of 50 states: 48 contiguous states and also Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.

The society of the USA is as diverse as the country itself. There is no caste system though some might argue that point, given the current economy. There are many entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals who have made their own fortune, and there are factory workers making minimum wage. The USA is a great country with many freedoms for those who choose to make it their place to study or to live. Studying in the USA offers many exciting opportunities.

High on the list of the U.S.'s attributes is its extraordinary higher education system, which makes it a highly coveted destination for international students, including those seeking law degrees.

The U.S. Legal System

The U.S. legal system comprises an interconnected system of checks and balances, featuring judicial, regulatory and governmental authorities. Together, these entities administer and enforce the country’s laws across federal, state and local levels. The U.S. Constitution bestows specific powers upon its federal government which has jurisdiction over certain cases -- such as those involving federal laws, foreign governments and conflicts between states. Beyond that, each state has its own governing entities.

Every party has the right to a trial by jury consisting of 12 citizens who evaluate the evidences and reach a verdict. Most legal cases in the U.S. are resolved before reaching trial via legal motion or settlement before reaching trial. Lawyers are an essential part of the U.S. legal system and are responsible for advocating on behalf of their clients. They are licensed by the state in which they practice.

Universities in USA