South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. It sits along the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is near Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. It is the 25th largest country in the world by area has is home to more than 53 million people. South Africa is very much a multi-ethnic country with various languages and cultures. More than 11 languages are present here, including English and Afrikaans. In this upper middle income economy, there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to study law.

What Is the Law System in South Africa?

The South African legal system is a mixture of various styles. There is a civil law component that stems from the Dutch law system. Common law is also present here, and is much like that found in Britain. A customary law system also exist. Overall, the country follows a criminal and civil law structure with constitutional law. The court system in the country includes Magistrates' Courts, High Courts, Constitutional Courts, and the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Universities in South Africa