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About New Zealand Often the backdrop for adventure or fantasy films, New Zealand is known for its lush green mountains and breathtaking landscapes. New Zealand is an island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean east of Australia. This biodiverse island nation is known for its rich Polynesian culture and the art and culture of the indigenous Maori people, as well as its wool and dairy exports. What Is the Law System Like in New Zealand? New Zealand derives much of its legal system from the common law system used in the United Kingdom. However, some areas are different, as New Zealand has developed its own form of common law. The people of New Zealand also follow statute law, which refers to the laws created by its Parliament. What Is a Law Degree in New Zealand? Lawyers practicing in New Zealand must hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree from one of the country's universities. This is followed by a practical course administered by the College of Law New Zealand or the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. Students often receive a dual degree or pursue postgraduate study in law, but this is not a requirement.

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Law Higher Education in New Zealand To study law in New Zealand, students must apply to one of the country's universities that offers legal studies. The degree takes approximately four years of full-time study to complete. Upon successful completion of the degree and the practical course, students must be administered to the roll of Barristers and Solicitors of the High Court of New Zealand before they can practice law. They also must apply for and hold a New Zealand Law Society certificate. New Zealand's law program offers several benefits. The country welcomes international students, and cities like Otago, where major universities are located, have ample amenities for students. Any student studying full time in New Zealand is automatically eligible to work in the country, full-time in the summers and part-time during the school year. Also, the people of New Zealand are known to be friendly and accepting. Students also have flexible requirements to be admitted to a law program. Students can pursue the first year of study, then are admitted to the remainder of the program based on their first year paper. This allows them to see if studying law is a good fit before jumping into the full legal program. New Zealand residents who enroll in a law degree pay $5,798 for a year of study. Because government subsidies may not be available for international students, these fees may increase for those studying from another country. To get the most current fee schedule, students should contact the university of their choice. Upon successful graduation with a New Zealand law degree, students will be able to practice law in New Zealand, or they can pursue further training to practice in another location. New Zealand's higher education program gives international students six month work permits after graduation to give themselves time to find a job and apply for residence if they wish. Legal training can also open the door for work as a court reporter, legal secretary, legal executive or court registrar. Students who wish to have the upper hand in attaining a job after graduation may wish to pursue Honours or postgraduate study in the field of law at their chosen university. This further training provides greater employment options.

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