With Belgium to its south, Germany to the east and the North Sea to the north, the Netherlands is a northwestern Europe country made up of twelve provinces and three Caribbean islands. Known for its windmills, tulips and happy residents, the country is famous for its dikes -- about one-fifth of the land in the Netherlands is below sea level and the extensive dike system keeps flooding at bay. Leading industries include shipping, fishing, trade and banking. Notable Dutch artists include Vincent van Gogh and M.C. Escher. The Netherlands is also known as the World's Legal Capital, as The Hague is host to the International Criminal Court and several other international courts and tribunals including Europol and Eurojust.

The Legal System in the Netherlands

The Netherlands follow a civil law format based on the French Civil Code with some influences from traditional Dutch law and Roman Law. In 1992, the country put civil law books in place that outline its legal code, and that has helped the country grow into a leader in the legal world. The Dutch Parliament is the main law-making body in the system.

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