For students who wish to travel and learn overseas, the country of Luxembourg may be the ideal choice. Nestled in the middle of Germany, France, and Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small but very picturesque Western European country. Even as a small country, it is known for its culture, history, and welcoming, modern lifestyle. Leading this last remaining grand duchy in the world is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, responsible for all matters affecting the country’s population. It has an advanced economy and the world's highest GDP per capita.

What is the Law System in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg has a constitutional monarchy in place for its legal system. It has a parliamentary democracy in place. There are three branches of power here, including the legislative power of Parliament, the Executive Power, which is headed by the Grand Duke who serves as Head of State, and the Judiciary system, the Constitution, Courts, and Tribunals court system. There are lawyers within this system that help to provide individuals with aid throughout the court process. For those students who wish to work in this capacity, or in any area of government, law school within Luxembourg is recommended. The country does allow for foreign students, but getting into these programs can be a challenge.