For many students, finding the right place to obtain an education is critical. For international students, the country of Latvia may not seem like an instant choice, but this country has plenty to offer individuals looking for a challenging educational program with ample opportunity to learn about a diverse culture. F

Latvia is one of three countries located in North-Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. The country shares borders with its Baltic neighbors, Estonia and Lithuania, as well as borders with Russia and Belarus and a maritime border with Sweden. Latvia is a strong culture, one that is based on religion and a strong history. The country is a part of the European Union and is a high income country. As a result, it is a popular place for tourism in some instances. For those people who are planning to travel to study, Latvia is worth considering for any of these reasons.

Prior to deciding to enroll in study abroad in Latvia, students should take some time to learn a bit more about the country and its educational system. For legal students, the law system in Latvia is an important first step.

What is the Law System in Latvia?

Latvia is a modern country with some larger, modern towns. In terms of its legal system, it is a combination of historic laws and the more modern laws followed in the United States, United Kingdom and throughout other western countries. The country's law system is mostly civil law, but there are elements of common law in it as well. It is somewhat like the French and German legal systems. The Constitution of the Republic of Latvia is the main legal ruling document in the country.

It is important to know that Latvia does have a range of lawyers who serve the public in representation within the court system. The country has very clear punishments for many types of laws, including capital punishment. For those students who wish to be a lawyer or advocate here, it is essential to obtain the proper education in the country.