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No matter how you like to learn or how much time you have before test day, we have plenty of prep options to get you ready.

Live LSAT Course - online or in class


The LSAT Complete Course is the most comprehensive LSAT prep program available. Providing not just material inside the classroom but outside as well, you’ll be fully immersed in LSAT work throughout your preparation period. Taught by expert instructors with 99th percentile scores, our live in-person and online classes are interactive, challenging, and anything but boring. And our small class sizes make sure that you receive the individual attention required to maximize your score.

  • Live classes offered
  • in-person or online
  • 50+ video lessons, 10 in-person sessions, and CrunchTime
  • Ideal for comprehensive guided study

Interact™ LSAT Course


LSAT Interact™ is our comprehensive (award-winning!) on-demand LSAT prep course. Manhattan Prep’s expert instructors guide you through each interactive lesson from start to finish, but you’ll be the one making the choices.

LSAT Interact isn’t a video. It’s a breakthrough in intuitive technology that allows you to define your path through hours of LSAT content. A Manhattan Prep instructor guides you through each lesson from start to finish, but you’ll be the one making the choices.

It’s Actually Fun!

Let’s face it — LSAT content is not that riveting. It’s bad arguments and diagrams and a whole lot of conditional logic. But your prep doesn’t have to be boring! LSAT Interact was designed to engage your whole brain with quizzes, challenge sets, and the occasional meditation session with Noah.

Expert Instruction Meets Interactive Technology.

Like a good teacher, LSAT Interact tailors itself to you. If you get something right, we may take you to a tougher problem. If you get something wrong, we may take you through a detailed lesson.

Anytime, Anywhere.

This program is entirely self-paced. You can stop, skip, or repeat any portion of LSAT Interact. Every lesson is delivered in crisp high resolution and is available on your computer or iPad. Prep where you are, when you want.

  • 50+ LSAT Interact
  • video-based lessons
  • Includes all of our books and online resources
  • Ideal for comprehensive self-paced study



Live online session for last minute strategy-review

  • Meets live online, taught by top-scoring experts
  • Available before every LSAT test date
  • Ideal for a last-minute strategy review

Private Tutoring

  • 1-on-1 personalized instruction
<li> Ideal for study tailored to your skill level</li> <li> Available in-person and online</li>
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