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An LLM, or Master of Laws, is a degree awarded to those already holding a professional law degree, who have completed advanced education and research in a particular area of law. Lawyers may choose to pursue LLM programs to gain expertise in a specific sector, for career advancement, and to build a professional network.

Some examples of LLM programs are in law sectors such as information technology, tax law, financial services, international law, environmental law, and commercial law. Some universities also allow students to develop their own specialized LLM programs specific to their professional interests. LLM programs generally take a minimum of one year to complete and while some programs consist primarily of research, others also require coursework. Students of LLM programs can be expected to complete a thesis to be awarded the degree.

The variety of different LLM programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular LLM programs listed below.

Newly added LLMs

University of Montreal Law Faculty

LL. M. Master of Laws

January 17, 2019
The LL.B. program is an opportunity for a student to delve deeper into a subject, both in the major areas of law and in certain specialized fields.

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto Campus Law School

Master in Law

January 3, 2019
Decree-Law no. 74/2006, of March 24, establishes that "in university education, the cycle of studies leading to the master's degree should ensure that the student acquires a specialization of academic nature using the research activity , innovation or the deepening of professional competence "(Article 18 (3)). The Master in Law of Catholic Porto aims… [+] to give full effect to this objective. [-]

University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

December 1, 2018
The Master of Laws Program aims to develop lawyers in the principles and procedures of the legal systems of the Anglo-American tradition and civil law tradition. The LL.M. It is designed for one (1) year of studies to complete the task, which can be extended up to a maximum of two (2) years for well-founded reasons, and consists of twenty-four (24)… [+] contact hours. [-]

Universities in Nigeria

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