LL.M. or M.Jur. Curriculum in Wealth Management

Wealth Management at Texas A&M Law

Our Wealth Management program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to advise wealthy clients and help manage their assets. Because wealth management involves professionals with various backgrounds, we’ve designed the program with both lawyers and non-lawyer professionals in mind. Lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, and other professionals engage and interact in a dynamic environment that mimics the real world of wealth management.

Whether you are a

  • Financial Advisor
  • Business Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Managing Director of Wealth Management
  • Director of Financial Planning

you’ll benefit from the deep dive into the intricacies of managing wealth.

This program is offered completely online, which gives busy professionals and students who have personal obligations the flexibility they need to learn and to meet the increasing need of being versed in the legal aspects of financial transactions and in the legal aspects of financial investment and portfolio management.

As a lawyer, what will I gain from the program?

Increase your expertise in this area with exposure to specializations in tax, investments, and estate planning not covered in law school. Network and gain new contacts as you work and engage with classmates and instructors from all over the world. Balance your new expertise with practical work experience and commercial thinking to increase career opportunities. Upon completion, J.D.s will receive a Masters of Law (LL.M.).

As a non-lawyer, what will I gain from this program?

This degree, with law and finance, is interwoven into the curriculum, will increase your expertise, networking capabilities, and elevate your successful wealth advisory without attending three years of law school. You’ll enjoy learning from professionals from both the law school and Texas A&M’s business school as you gain personal knowledge and bolster career opportunities. Upon program completion, you’ll receive a Masters of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.).

“The Texas A&M name is synonymous with high-quality education. We hope you join our program and become a part of our campus’ unique educational experience. You will learn from industry leaders, on your schedule, and network with the top professionals, projecting a lifetime of learning and leadership in the field.”

William Byrnes,
Executive Professor of Law


Our Faculty.

Our program offers the distinct advantage of not only being provided online but also through its all-star lineup of industry experts and legal scholars. Our faculty is an expert in law and business, and more especially, in wealth management. Each course is taught with a particular focus, and by an instructor hand-picked specifically because of their expertise.

Our Course Content.

The program’s curriculum blends the traditional foundation course areas with more specialized or modular courses, with specificity to industry and career needs, all within a 6-semester framework. The program experience centers on applicable practical knowledge and full coverage in wealth management—no matter your career path, whether its banking services, charitable giving, investment, tax, retirement, or estate planning.

Our Format.

Our asynchronous, engaging online platform allows you to pursue your degree from a nationally-recognized law school without disturbing your full-time job. The program is offered entirely online, which gives busy professionals and students who have personal obligations the flexibility they need to learn and obtain new skills with minimal disruption to their already-busy lives. We use state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques that take advantage of the latest in distance learning technology.

Our Dedication.

We’ll provide you the opportunity to cross-train with lawyers and financial professionals, as you connect the dots for long-term wealth creation and preservation across issues such as governance, investment and expansion, exit strategies, and estate and family planning. Leave positioned for career success and increase your professional opportunities.

This program is pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.


For the online curricula in Wealth Management and Risk Management

Howdy! We hope you'll join us.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with cohorts starting Fall, Spring, and Summer. Applications and all associated paperwork will need to be received in a timely manner to ensure you matriculate into your preferred cohort. We encourage you to apply early to receive a timely admissions decision. The Admissions Committee will give careful consideration to timely submitted applications until reaching program capacity. You may contact us to discuss your plan with a faculty advisor and a personalized graduate program can be developed.

All applicants must meet minimum requirements as set by Texas A&M University School of Law. While satisfying the minimum admission criteria qualifies the applicant to be considered, meeting minimum criteria for admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the program. The School of Law considers all criteria with emphasis on prior professional experiences having prepared the individual for success in wealth management or risk management.

Tuition and Financial Information

To help you as you plan your program:

The LL.M. program requires successful completion of at least 24 credit hours and the MJur. the program requires successful completion of at least 30 credit hours. The per credit hour residential tuition and fees for each degree program are approximately $915, and total costs will vary based on the number of credit hours taken. One benefit of our programs is their flexibility. The total tuition and fees for the LL.M. program for a resident of Texas will be approximately $22,000; for the M.Jur. the program, total tuition, and fees for Texas residents will be approximately $28,000. You may choose to take only 6 credit hours in one semester, which would cost approximately $5,900. If you choose to take twelve credit hours in a semester, your cost would be approximately $11,000. Non-Texas-resident students have the same flexibility, but the cost per credit hour is slightly higher.

Students looking for financial support should contact the Texas A&M School of Law Financial Aid office. We believe there is a significant advantage of being able to continue to work full time, to live anywhere in the world, and to study at hours convenient to the individual. In the long run, a student should see a savings over the cost of leaving a job, relocating, and organizing personal lifestyles around preset university schedules.

Veterans and their dependents may be eligible for both federal and state tuition benefits. Please visit the Veteran Services website for further information.

This program is pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.


We offer two distance learning programs, both in areas where knowledge and skills are currently in high demand: Wealth Management and Risk Management.

The programs are entirely online, which gives working professionals and students who have personal obligations the flexibility they need to learn and obtain new skills with minimal disruption to their already full lives.

In our programs, we don’t just put a camera in the back of a classroom to record a professor’s lecture. That approach is outdated and ineffective. Instead, we use state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques that take advantage of the latest in online learning technology.

Every course is specifically prepared with distance learning students in mind.

Each program takes approximately six semesters to complete, and upon completion, you have the opportunity to visit us at the law school to receive an honored “Aggie Ring,” making you a lifetime member of the extensive Aggie Network.

Available Distance Education Programs

  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management

Two degrees — one strong curriculum

Two different degrees are offered for each program—an LL.M. graduate degree for lawyers (for those who have already received a J.D.), and a Masters of Jurisprudence (M.Jur.) for non-lawyer professionals. While non-lawyers may have an extra required course or pre-requisite in U.S. Law, to put them on equal footing with their lawyer compatriots, the program structures and content are then essentially the same, regardless of J.D. status.

Program taught in:
  • English

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