There's plenty to know about Costa Rica if you are a student. You may know this country, located in Central America, is a beautiful tourism destination with a tropical feel and a welcoming culture. For those who wish to study here, there are opportunities to do so including law courses. The country, an environmentally conscious and peace-loving one, has a strong economy. And, while there are plenty of reasons to come here to relax, you may also want to come here to work as a lawyer.

To do that, you need to consider the Costa Rican legal system as well as the educational system. Costa Rica law degrees are available to student travelers who want to dedicate the time to pursuing them.

What is the Law System in Costa Rica?

The legal system in Costa Rica is one based on the Roman Criminal System. It has four branches of government, the judicial, executive, legislative, and electoral tribune. There are three levels of court systems, including district courts, appellate courts, and the supreme courts. Those who enter into this system often find themselves spending a great deal of time behind bars since no bond is offered. Nevertheless, the Costa Rican government does appoint and approve lawyers to represent people charged with a crime.